Saturday 3 July 2004

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Well, it took all night but I’m proud to say that not only am I happily resident on my new web server, but because of the incredibly generous Matt Mullenweg I also am just about all set up in WordPress.

The process would have been much easier had I been more prepared, but I wasn’t. So, Matt had to help me extract all the data from my Movable Type database and export it. Once that hurdle was overcome, the import went very well, and all my posts, comments, and even uncleaned comment spam are all happily resident now. There are a few glitches to clean up (I know, I know) but I’m going to bed now.

WordPress is a joy to install and not only easy to use, but easy to modify – and I don’t even know PHP. I’m just delighted with the easy interface, the simplicity of working with templates, and look ma – NO REBUILDS! It was getting to the point where I could go for a swim, run to the grocery and read a short novel before my site was rebuilt. And that was with under 200 posts and several thousand comments. Imagine if I’d kept growing?

This is not to dis Movable Type, because I love it too, for different reasons. Although I have to admit I’m not fond of the new interface – I think the navigation in 3.0 looks crappy and is difficult to read. But the program is extremely powerful, there’s no question about it. For my purposes, though, it looks as though WordPress is going to suit just fine.

So thank you Matt, and props to MooKitty for additional assistance and ideas, and the gang in #wordpress. You are all so awesome!

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Comments (191)

  1. Congrats Molly, WordPress is by far the best blogging platform out there.

  2. Your site looks nice and seems like you got WordPress setup neatly. I like wordpress mysel. Aside from it’s easy to use, it’s turning more into a content management system much more now with their new themes available.

  3. I want change my blog to WP too,it’s so easy to use

  4. I’ve been using wordpress here is Pittsburgh for several years now, its the best

  5. I have always used blogger but you have given me the confidence to try WordPress now.I understand there ‘s so much you can do with it.

  6. Thank you, WP is the best

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  11. Wow, nice blog! Where can I get a blog designed like this? I am new to blogging and this one is one of the nicest I have seen.

  12. I am just learning about wordpress but your site looks great! Is it easy to use?

  13. thanks for the information, very helpful stuff

  14. I wonder if you can transfer WordPress to Drupal. Im gonna do that to my football betting blog after the Euro 2008 championships

  15. This was posted on july 2004 yet 4 years later it still gets comments still. Why is that?

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  17. Congrats Molly! I have also switched to wordpress blog ver recently. WordPress is by far the best blogging platform.

  18. Congrats Molly! I have also switched to wordpress blog very recently. WordPress is by far the best blogging platform.

  19. Yea, WordPress rocks! Glad to see you here!

  20. Nice. The big ones are starting to use WordPress. Matt must be happy.

    And get some nicer URI’s.

  21. thanks good article….

  22. Yes, that is true: Word Press rules da blogging world. I have a few blogs on GG’s Blogger but they’re inflexible compared to WP which is infinitely variable with all those free themes out there. Long live WP, hey?

  23. hope this is of use for any new webmasters out there. I learned about this method a couple of months ago and it’s been amazing to watch my traffic grow.

  24. I am new online and found this site. this is great place with loads of information. I have saved it in my favourites. keep posting new stuff plz.

  25. I can say the same about wordpress, such a versatile cms. Easy to develop themes, easy to setup and all those useful plugins that you do not have to develop. What else can one ask?

  26. Thanks every bodys my site is perfect seo

  27. I don’t know PHP either and I don’t seem to have a problem using WordPress. Cheers.

  28. Sites looking fine, wordpress just makes it easy!

  29. Welcome to WordPress Club! WordPress is by far the best platform for bloggers.

  30. That’s really interesting… I agree that the mind & hypnosis are powerful tools, but there’s more truth behind it than people expect.

  31. I’m glad you’ve made it. I think it took a little time management to rebuild your blog. I really like the simplicity of this blog, the white, blue and green combination is just pleasing to the eye.


  32. Good job! By the way, my name is Molly, too! (It’s not really handbag lover, lol)

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  36. Congratulations on moving to WordPress. My site has probably been moved three times, eventually ending up on WordPress. I am very glad to have it there and I’m sure only beginning to scratch the surface.

  37. I like Worpress also. Quick and easy 🙂

  38. Congratulations on switching to your new server! Hopefully you’ll have greater service than your last.

  39. WordPress is taking over the world.

  40. WordPress is much easier to use that some of the other autoring tools out there, and there are lots of great addons.

    WordPress gets my vote 🙂

  41. welcome to the wordpress world love to help you if u want any

  42. its true as they say word press is numero 1 best time

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